About our School

L’ Ecole Montessori School was established in 2003. The school offers a unique French Immersion program from JK to grade 8. We also offer an enriched English program from Pre-JK to grade 8.

​Our commitment is to the intellectual, physical and emotional development of every child through organized educational activities. Respecting their innate curiosity and desire for independence, we create a harmonious environment that promotes work, self-discipline and a lifelong love of learning.

About the Owner

As a proud mother I cannot help but smile when I look at this picture of my son and I. This was a journey I took on in 2003 for the love of my son, as I wanted to offer him a warm, and academically challenging environment to learn. Also being from Montreal, it was important for me that my son learn French. I now realize it has grown to become much more. I feel lucky to be contributing to our future – starting with children. This journey all began for the love of my son, yet I have been blessed with all the love of the children year after year. When I tell people “I am going to work”, I can hardly use the word “work” as I truly feel lucky to come to school surrounded by such wonderful smiles from all the children.

The families that are part of our LMMH community are like-minded and value the philosophy that our staff and teachers uphold at our school. When we all work together, your child grows to their greatest potential to be the best person they can be.