We are very proud to have had many great students over the years who continue to express their gratitude for the impact LMMH has had on them and their education. We feel very fortunate to have watched our students grow up, and although it is sad whenever the time comes for students to graduate from LMMH we love hearing from our former students who keep in touch over the years. Hear from two of our alumni, Nick and Adam, about their experiences at LMMH and how they continue to benefit from Montessori learning!

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One of the biggest reasons why I am the way I am today as a student and as a person is how I was taught in Montessori. I find that having gone to La Maison all the way until I was 10 has continued to benefit me even still at the age of 20, as it was in those developmental years where I became a diligent student who was motivated to do schoolwork, not because I had to but because I wanted to. It was this desire to learn and have an inquiring mind that shaped me to be someone who works hard at doing well in school, it was more of an intrinsic motivation to do well. My time in Montessori was impactful not only because I developed my love for learning but it also taught me how to be independent. Being in a classroom that is free-flowing without being constricted by rows of desks and a hard-set curriculum at a young age allowed me to teach myself and gave me the ability to accomplish things at my own pace, doing my work without any pressure of being forced to do something because I was told to. I think that the easy-going learning style of Montessori and the independence I gained from it made it easier in high school as I was not one of those kids who was burnt out and had lost their motivation because my eagerness to learn was still there and still is to this day.

I feel very lucky to have to have gone to Montessori where I developed very important life skills as well as a strong appetite for learning which still stands true ten years later.

—Nicklaus Reid, LMMH student from 2003-2009,
Brock University Bachelor’s of Sport Management Honours ’21
​Shared 11/27/19

My name is Adam Ladak and I currently attend Newmarket High School and I am in grade 10. I previously attended LMMH from toddler all the way to grade 8. The transition to the public system, I found was very easy. The only thing that was different was the homework, but I managed well because of the time management I learned at LMMH. I feel this way because I had a good base and knew many advanced concepts, like in grade 4 I was doing simple interest and compound, and am currently doing that in grade 11 functions. Also, other things like trigonometry which I learned in grade 7, I did that in grade 10 at Newmarket High School. Also, in French in grade 9 we learned about verbes régulier et irrégulier which we learn in grade 3 at LMMH.

​Overall, the transition has been easy because of the phenomenal base of knowledge I gained while attending LMMH.

—Adam Ladak, LMMH student from 2009-2019
Shared 01/18/21

My name is Audrey Wong and I am a Concurrent Education student at Queen’s University. I had the privilege of attending LMMH from the age of 3 to Grade 3 and it has made a huge impact on my life. From a young age, I learned the value and importance of organization, planning, and time management through having the responsibility of choosing my daily tasks, as well as the topics and format of my research projects. This has helped me successfully complete and manage my work even now as a university student because I continue to prioritize and plan my tasks in a similar manner. Another big part of my education was having the opportunity to independently learn and discover concepts with the use of manipulatives. This independence has provided me with a foundation for success because it has helped me to continuously strive and further my learning with the use of problem-solving and resourcefulness.

I have also had the privilege of going back and completing my first-year practicuum placement in the upper elementary classroom. Although it was virtual, I had a wonderful experience and gained a new perspective on learning and teaching. Not only did I learn about the Montessori methods of teaching, but I was also given the opportunity to apply my knowledge within the classroom by assisting students. One of the most memorable and outstanding things that I observed was the amount of effort and attention that was put into ensuring that each student’s needs, both in and out of the classroom, were met.

I cannot thank LMMH enough for shaping me into the student I am today and the teacher I aspire to be in the future.

—Audrey Wong, LMMH student from 2005-2011,
Queen’s University Bachelor of Arts Honours ’24 / Bachelor of Education ’25
​Shared 05/15/21