Moi-et-nickWhen I greet the students and staff of La Maison Montessori House each day, I am reminded of the reasons that I bought this school back in 2003. My son had started at LMMH when he was only 2 years old. The school felt like a home away from home for my child, and both he and I fell in love with the program. When the previous owner decided to close the school, I made a powerful decision with the best interests of my child in mind. I bought the school, and embarked on a new path and discovered a new passion. I gave up my career in finance, marketing and sales and returned to school to study Montessori education. Why did I do it? I wanted my son to know what it is to love learning and to want to go to school each day. I want the same for your children. I want them to be positive and successful and feel a strong sense of confidence in their abilities. You may not get straight A’s in school, but you will succeed as an adult if you have confidence in yourself. Your child is an individual. He or she doesn’t think the same way as anybody else. So why does the traditional school system treat children like they are all the same? I started out trying to teach my son the right lessons in life. Now, he has taught me much more. That’s why the staff of LMMH encourages children to take charge of the learning process. Our students make decisions about what they want to learn and how they’re going to do it. In the process, they develop enthusiasm and a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. If you put out a few nuts for a squirrel, he’ll come forward to get them. You don’t need to push him. If you offer children a few interesting nuggets of information, they’ll grab hold of them and take charge of the learning process. Just think about how enthusiastic your child can be when he actually wants to know more about a topic. A year after I bought LMMH, I added a French immersion program. As an entrepreneur and a mother, I see the advantages of bilingualism for children in Canada today. Coming from a French background myself, I know the importance of ensuring that our French immersion program provides students with the skills they need to actually write and speak in French. I hope that you will journey with us as we guide a new generation of children to meet the future with confidence and enthusiasm. Anne Martin Principal, La Maison Montessori House