La Maison Montessori House is a bilingual, co-ed Montessori school that aims to instill a lifelong love of learning in students from age 16 months to grade 8. We offer a toddler program for children 16 months to 3 years old, a Casa program for students ages 2 ½ to 6 and an elementary program for preschool through 8. We are pleased to offer both English and French immersion programs. Our Purpose We guide and educate every student to reach his or her full potential. Our staff is trained in the Montessori approach and adept at meeting the needs of each individual child. Our Shared Goal The goal of each and every staff member at LMMH is to foster independence and happiness in our students. We create critical thinking skills in the leaders of tomorrow. Our Curriculum Our curriculum meets Ministry of Education requirements while offering our students a better way to learn. We don’t all think in the same way, so why teach as if we do? While math and language are essential to the learning process, we believe students must also be prepared for today’s information age. That’s why we emphasize innovation and convergent thinking—thinking that focuses on logic and problem-solving skills. When children become bored in a traditional classroom or experience regular criticism for not adhering to rules, their love of learning is at risk. We nurture our students’ natural curiosity by allowing them to play a significant role in their own education. Above all, we believe that love of learning is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Individualized Lesson Plans Every week, our teachers set up individualized lesson plans for every student. Each plan outlines both teacher lessons and student work. Students have access to their plans so that they can work at their own pace, checking off tasks as they are completed. It’s self-directed, hands-on learning with high academic expectations. Technology At LMMH, students have constant access to both Mac and Windows computers. We ensure they have opportunities to conduct research, use programs that interest them and build the typing skills necessary for today’s workplace. Our History LMMH began its life on the southwest corner of Bayview Avenue and Wellington Street East in Aurora in September of 2003.  Over the past 10 years, our school has continued to grow.  In 2006, we built a new location on the corner of Bayview Avenue and Stone Road, just 300 meters south of our original location.  With the good word spread by our families here at LMMH, we now have over 120 students. The school is consistently filled to capacity, and we continue to have a waitlist for our Montessori programs. With the opening of our new location in 2006, we added an English elementary program and a French immersion elementary program. In order to better meet the demands of our growing programs, we added a new campus in 2013. This new site, located at 1205 Stellar Dr. in Newmarket, offers  programs from Casa to grade 8, allowing for continued growth.